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US NGLs Production Forecast

Access a five-year forecast available two months ahead of EIA estimates

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Improve your supply and demand models and confirm your in-house analysis

Our forecast, broken down by NGL product type, combines EIA, state, natural gas pipeline flow and gas quality data to deliver a comprehensive outlook of NGLs production from gas processing plants in the Lower 48.

We enhance our US forecast by incorporating the best ethane rejection and recovery information to get a better view of changing ethane production week-on-week. 

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Features at a glance

Data granularity

Detailed forecasts broken down by EIA petroleum districts with sub-regions and product type (ethane, propane, isobutane, normal butane, natural gasoline).

Expert insight

Direct and unlimited access to our forecast team who can help interpret market signals or gaps within your production models.

Data frequency

The intelligence you need is always available. A thorough, five-year outlook is published eight times a year, with weekly updates.