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Global Gas and LNG Executive Summary

Weekly global gas market insights to help you make better decisions tomorrow

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Keep a finger on the pulse of the global gas and LNG market

With global LNG tightly linking today’s global gas markets, it is more important than ever to be aware of the risks global markets pose to local markets.

Our Global Gas & LNG Executive Summary provides you with a comprehensive understanding of the entire value chain, allowing you to stay on top of the evolving market landscape and make informed strategic decisions as supply and demand dynamics shift back and forward. 

Features at a glance

Global coverage

Identify and evaluate new opportunities globally with insight into the European, Asia-Pacific and American markets

Synthesized weekly intelligence

Receive weekly updates on LNG shipping, spread analysis on global gas pricing hubs, global LNG supply/demand, regional gas balances and more

Mitigate risks

Cut through the noise with actionable insights of not only the shifts in global markets, but also the risk these shifts may have on your business

Designed to help you

  • Anticipate peripheral risk in adjacent markets
  • Identify new LNG demand opportunities globally to maximize profitability
  • Identify trends with exposure to international gas & LNG price drivers
  • Make better business decisions by managing pricing risks and staying informed of market movements
  • Optimize your portfolio with a deeper understanding of where to focus marketing and trading efforts