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Global LNG Liquefaction Monitoring

In collaboration will Ball Aerospace

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Near real-time market intelligence on LNG liquefaction trains in collaboration with Ball Aerospace



The LNG market becomes more sophisticated each year. Suppliers and buyers have complex LNG portfolios to manage, while regional markets and pricing dynamics are increasingly linked. The portion of short-term trade is steadily rising, creating a flexible and price-responsive environment in which timely and accurate data analytics plays an ever-critical role. 

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What is the Global LNG Liquefaction Monitoring Product?

Our Global LNG Liquefaction Monitoring provides near real-time market intelligence using satellite imagery and machine learning algorithms to track the status of LNG liquefactions trains.

This proprietary dataset alerts you to train outages and restarts before they surface in media and are visible from vessel tracking. Our email alerts flag any disruption so you can react quickly and identify potential trading opportunities. The high data-granularity will bolster your understanding of historical train outages and market modelling.

Product Features

Keep abreast of the global LNG market with the powerful combination of Ball Aerospace’s satellite analytics capabilities and Wood Mackenzie’s expert LNG market knowledge. 

Extensive coverage

Extensive coverage

  • ~80 individual liquefaction trains
  • ~80% of global liquefaction output in 2021
  • 8,000+ data points a year
  • Several years of historical data 

Near real-time intelligence

Near real-time intelligence

  • Direct data feeds (APIs) 
  • Live Email alerts 

Strong accuracy

Strong accuracy

  • Machine-learning algorithms trained on years of history  
  • Dataset benchmarked to our proprietary hourly US dataset based on Genscape’s ground cameras 

Use it to

  • Be the first to be notified when our proprietary algorithms based on satellite imagery detect a supply disruption, with email alerts direct to your inbox 
  • Access timely information to evaluate the impact of LNG plant disruptions and identify trading opportunities 
  • Enhance your models and consolidate your view of the market with granular insight at a train level, historical and current data 
  • Access early market intelligence to derive valuable insights on your peers, enabling you to act before the rest of the market 

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