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Metals Concentrates Services

Build commercial confidence and maximise your position with our Metals & Mining Concentrates Services offering unique in-depth analysis and comprehensive data.

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Access a detailed view on the flow of base metal concentrates and intermediate products

Our Metals Concentrates Services are an invaluable resource to identify market opportunities, threats and evaluate commercial terms while pinpointing concentrates with specific assay criteria.

Use them to identify future capacity for feed sources within global concentrate supply/demand balances, strengthen contract negotiations with reliable short, medium and long-term treatment costs and refining cost forecasting, understand smelting and refining dynamics and benchmark treatment costs and refining cost charges, assess and mitigate risk in selling concentrates where there are no terminal markets and monitor competitor strategies and benchmark against peers.

Driven by our close relationships with market participants, the services deliver unique in-depth analysis, underpinned by our comprehensive, objective data, providing a detailed view on the flow of base metal concentrates from mine to smelters, and intermediate products to refineries.

Concentrates Services

Copper Research Suite

Unmatched analysis of every aspect of copper market trends, demand and supply.

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Lead Research Suite

Industry-leading research and analysis that gives you the complete picture across the entire lead supply chain.

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Zinc Research Suite

Leading zinc market research and analysis that gives you insight into the entire zinc supply chain today and how it will evolve in the future.

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Nickel Research Suite

Find clarity in the nickel market with leading insights on supply-demand dynamics, project developments, costs of production, and future capacity requirements.

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Cathode and Precursor Research Suite

Unmatched analysis of the entire cathode and precursor materials supply chain to help you make smarter, more informed decisions.

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Lithium Research Suite

The greatest depth and breadth of lithium market analysis available today.

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Cobalt Research Suite

Leading cobalt market analysis covering the entire cobalt supply chain and major cobalt markets across the world.

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Rare Earths Research Suite

Unmatched analysis of the entire rare earths supply chain to help you make smarter, more informed decisions.

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Bulk Steel Alloys Research Suite

Bulk steel alloys market research that gives clarity across the whole sector.

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Noble Steel Alloys Research Suite

An unmatched level of noble steel alloys research that gives you the knowledge you need to mitigate risk and capitalise on opportunities.

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Bespoke consulting advice

Shifting demand brings significant challenges to the metals and mining industries. Governments,  banks, fund managers, commodity traders and mineral processors want to know where the greatest value can be found. Our expert metals and mining consultants can advise on numerous questions and strategies.  

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Chris Heath, Vice President, Metals and Mining Consulting

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