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Lead Research Suite

Industry-leading research and analysis that gives you the complete picture across the entire lead supply chain.

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Assess investment opportunities and make cost-effective sourcing decisions

Our industry-leading lead market research and analysis helps you understand the impact of acute supply tightness on refined metal production, secondary supply and treatment charges. It covers market balances, price forecasts, cost of primary supply, current and forecast margins, and new capacity developments.

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Designed to help you:

Our Lead Research Suite service gives you the knowledge you need to succeed. With a monthly detailed forecast of lead supply and demand fundamentals out to 2024, long-term outlook reports to 2050, and forecasts for concentrates production, balances, trade flows, and treatment charges (TC) in the Concentrates Service, we help you:

Analyse lead supply, demand and price fundamentals on a global basis

Stay informed about how key industry events and issues impact the market

Obtain comprehensive analysis on emerging trends around the world

Better understand risks & opportunities in your business environment

Develop detailed lead concentrates supply and demand forecasts for strategy and budget planning

Understand key data at the asset, company and country level

Carry out comparative analysis and forecasting with our Concentrates Tool

What do you get with the Lead Research Suite?

Our industry-leading analysis of the lead sector allows you to obtain a complete picture on lead supply and demand, including asset-by-asset mine, smelter, refined production and mine project data, country-by-country demand outlook for refined, direct use of scrap, and total lead consumption.

Lead Market Service

Lead Market Service


As well as access to Wood Mackenzie lead analysts, this includes:

  • Long-term outlooks covering the demand, supply, balances, and price forecasts of LME prices for lead out to 2050
  • Short-term forecast for demand, supply, balances and LME prices for lead
  • Online tool allowing for filtering and visualisation of our Lead Market dataset

Lead Concentrates Service

Lead Concentrates Service


As well as access to Wood Mackenzie lead analysts, this includes:

  • Long-term outlooks covering the flows of lead concentrates from the lead/zinc mines to the zinc smelters
  • Forecasts for long-term treatment and refining costs
  • Online concentrates tool providing Wood Mackenzie’s view and dataset for lead concentrates

Lead & Zinc Mine Cost Service

Lead & Zinc Mine Cost Service

As well as access to Wood Mackenzie lead & Zinc analysts, this includes:

  • Asset reports with historical data and forecasts for production and costs and written analysis on assets, such as risk and uncertainties, and fiscal terms.
  • Cost summary covering supply from a global perspective
  • Online cost curve tool showcasing our view of the lead & zinc mines globally
  • Online cost models for each lead & zinc mine covered by Wood Mackenzie. Includes our base-case modelling for each asset

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