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Get short-term and long-term analysis and insights on developments and price drivers impacting the lead market to help mitigate risk and effectively plan strategic initiatives.


As the lead market moves into a period of acute supply tightness, you need to understand the impact on refined metal production, secondary supply and treatment charges. Our Lead Research Suite gives you access to the information you need and provides regular updates, including assessments of refined metal premia, market balances and price forecasts.

Our lead and zinc mine cost model also offers an accurate analysis of the cost of primary supply coming into the market, current and forecast margins in the sector, and new capacity developments.

What is the Lead Research Suite?

The Lead Research Suite offers topical insight reports, access to expert analysts and monthly outlooks on the short-term market developments and price drivers that will keep you abreast of ever-changing market dynamics. Utilising data from the industry's foremost independent data source, our mine cost model and quarterly forecast reports allow for strategic planning, benchmarking and performance monitoring. 

Our lead market analysis provides:

  • Mine asset profiles and comparative cost analysis
  • Consumption by major end-use and country, as well as associated industrial production forecasts
  • Production rankings by operation, along with equity production tables
  • Asset mine, smelter and refinery analysis with production forecasts to 2035
  • Lead concentrates tool and allocation flexing model, which enables concentrate mapping and supply source analysis
  • Full supply and demand analysis in both concentrate and refined markets
  • The Lead Smelter & Refinery Analysis Tool allows economic analysis of the global primary and secondary lead smelting and refining sectors; allied to the ability to benchmark individual assets
  • 256

    lead concentrate assays

  • 40

    years of historical data

  • 166

    costed mines

Designed to help you:
  • Better understand risks and opportunities in your business environment
  • Stay informed about key industry events and issues and understand how they impact the market
  • Screen, identify and value growth opportunities
  • Analyse demand, supply and price fundamentals on a global and country level
  • Obtain comprehensive analysis on emerging trends around the world
  • Benchmark against peers
  • Understand the impact of metal and energy price changes on the global smelter and refinery population, and on an individual or group of assets