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Metals & Mining Emissions Benchmarking Tool

An independent assessment of the full cradle to gate emissions of mined commodities production.

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Understand and enhance your resilience to a low-carbon future

The Emissions Benchmarking Tool is an interactive, web-based platform that integrates global data across all sectors. It provides transparency at the asset and corporate level across the value chain for the metals and mining sector to enable a comprehensive assessment of emissions-related risks and opportunities. ​

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Designed to help you:

Our Emissions Benchmarking Tool offers a comprehensive assessment of emissions-related risks and opportunities. Use it to:

Compare your portfolio and assets emissions profiles and intensities with peers' portfolios or assets

Assess sector-specific emissions-related regulatory risks at the country level​

Analyse the impact of different carbon prices on asset or corporate valuations​

Inform strategic decisions on portfolio composition and mitigation opportunities​

What is the scope of coverage of the Emissions Benchmarking Tool?

The Metals and Mining Emissions Benchmarking Tool leverages our integrated view and independent analysis to enable you to develop porfolio and investment strategies and evaluate your future corporate exposure to carbon risk via competitive benchmarking, portfolio analysis and economic impact assessment.

Emissions Profiles

Emissions Profiles


  • Asset level emissions by source: historical and forecasts to 2040/2064
  • 8 key metals & mining value chains (aluminium, alumina & bauxite; met coal, iron ore & steel; nickel industry; thermal coal; copper mines, smelters & refineries; lead & zinc mines, lead smelters & zinc smelters; gold mines; lithium)

Carbon Prices, Policy & Financial Liability

Carbon Prices, Policy & Financial Liability

  • Likelihood and stringency of carbon regulation​
  • Country-specific carbon price forecasts, under three different scenarios​
  • Value at risk under different carbon prices and regulatory risk assumptions​
  • Carbon liability by year and per barrel of product​

Carbon Benchmarking

Carbon Benchmarking


  • Benchmarking asset and company emissions​
  • Comparison of absolute emissions, emissions intensity, and financial exposure​
  • Breakdown of emissions by source category, commerciality, and resource theme​
  • Screen by company, region, resource theme, asset, development status, operator/partner status​

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