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NGL Service

Data-rich analysis provides insight in the North American NGL markets with regional and national perspective on ethane, propane, butanes and pentane

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Grow your business with granular analysis of the North American NGL market

In a world where lower carbon fuels and chemical feedstocks are growth sectors for hydrocarbon liquids, the rapid transition of the North American NGL market into the world's largest supplier has put new focus on this region. 

Our NGL Service is an essential resource that provides the most granular analysis and commercial insight into the North American NGL market. Understand the latest trends, identify growth opportunities, and make informed investment decisions with detailed supply forecasts, demand analysis and market perspectives on ethane, propane, butanes and pentane+ integrated with Wood Mackenzie's oil, gas and chemicals views.

Features at a glance

NGL Service provides a comprehensive view of the dynamics of the North American NGL market and how it integrates with the global picture. The NGL view is integrated with our upstream and chemicals research, and the service analyses key US basins that drive supply, demand growth by region and sector, and product movements and constraints within the US that influence market prices.

NGL Service is a must-have resource for producers, investors and consumers – from integrated oil & gas to E&Ps and financial institutions – requiring in-depth analysis on a regional and national perspective on ethane, propane, butanes and pentane+.

Driven from our integrated energy and petrochemicals research, NGL Service offers detailed production outlooks that consider gas supply forecast and feedstock demand in the petrochemicals sector.

  • Supply, demand and price long-term forecasts
  • Infrastructure data on processing, pipelines, fractionation, storage and terminals
  • Insight reports addressing key issues impacting the NGL markets
  • Covers 5 U.S. and 2 Canadian regions, plus 220+ drilling plays
  • National and regional supply/demand balances, and play-level supply analysis
  • Access to expert analysts and customer forums
  • Individual assessments of ethane, propane, butanes, and pentanes
  • 44

    supply nodes

  • 7

    US/Canada regions

  • 20

    years supply and demand price forecasts

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