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Asset Connect

Data representing infrastructure and its interconnectivity across the North American crude oil supply chain

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Instantly and programmatically ingest supply chain data to generate balances, anticipate constraints, analyze impacts from supply chain disruptions, and optimize flow routes

Asset Connect is a first-of-its-kind dataset representing the North American crude oil supply chain. We go beyond listing oil assets in isolation. We tie them all together, while describing how those assets relate to one another in a data-driven way.

We account for infrastructure that moves close to 90% of crude oil production in North America by showing the specific assets available to take that production all the way to market.

You can use Asset Connect alongside Wood Mackenzie's Short Term Oils data to quickly and easily generate near real-time balances, analyze supply chain disruptions, and valuate assets based on upstream and downstream connectivity. You can also use Asset Connect as the foundation to optimize flow routes or generate your own linear program.

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Data-driven supply chain intelligence

Access an API endpoint that contains supply chain data covering nearly 90% of oil production in the United States and Canada.


Asset Connect contains IDs that are also available in Wood Mackenzie's real-time data, allowing for easy integration and compatibility.


Our Asset Connect data is updated on a daily basis, including any infrastructure that reaches a final investment decision (FID) but is not yet built. You can utilize Asset Connect to forecast emerging bottlenecks or overbuilds with our forward look at construction throughout the supply chain.


Asset Connect contains over 2,000 nodes (assets) and more than 10,000 relationships, representing the path to market for almost 90% of crude oil production in the United States and Canada.



Asset Connect has asset and connection data for the following asset types:

  • Production Regions
  • Pipelines
  • Storage Fields
  • Ports
  • Refineries
  • Rail Terminals