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North America Crude Markets Service

Forecast North American crude flows through all major pipelines, hubs and export terminals to support strategic planning, market analysis and valuation work.

Identify market opportunities and plan for future success

The global crude landscape is being upended by surging US crude oil production flowing into international markets.

The North America Crude Markets Service provides context and crude oil analysis of the entire US crude value chain – from upstream production, midstream infrastructure, downstream demand centres and crude price trends. The service enables you to connect the dots on the rapidly evolving role US crude production is playing in global markets so that you can make more informed operational, logistic and investment decisions.

Features at a glance

Offering forecasts for crude pricing, pipeline utilization and hub flows (volumes and quality) and export terminal volumes, our North American Crude Markets Service aids operation and logistics planning, as well as investment decisions.

Our service goes beyond pricing, weaving together the pipelines, rail and water movement outlooks with the supply and demand centres. The service delivers:

  • Annual average price projections/assumptions of 18 crudes, updated twice per year
  • Volume and crude quality forecasts for pipeline utilization and hub flows
  • US export terminal volume forecasts
  • US crude quality outlook and market implications, updated twice per year
  • Monthly report on short-term changes in supply, demand, imports, exports and stocks
  • Logistics developments and commentary on market impact
  • Long term view on US export volumes and markets, updated twice per year
  • Long term US crude demand by quality outlook
  • Reconciliation of supply/demand through infrastructure and logistics networks
  • Maps of the factors shaping the market today
  • 8

    refining centres across 6 crude oil quality categories

  • 18

    crudes with average price projections

  • 4

    key North American plays with takeaway capacity balance

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