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Upstream Supply Chain Suite

Get a complete picture of today's market and prepare for future offshore opportunities with integrated solutions for drilling and rigs, subsea, marine construction and facilities.

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Understand the changing market and plan for future demand

In today's low-oil-price environment, you need to stay informed about changes to the upstream service sector so you can be prepared for upcoming opportunities. Our Upstream Supply Chain suite of services delivers the industry's most complete set of data and analysis on drilling and rigs, subsea, marine construction and facilities.

The suite of services give you an integrated view of the market with transparent data, analysis and models that link equipment, services, costs and supply chain risk to asset and corporate valuations. The result is a comprehensive outlook that helps you understand supply and demand, benchmark against peers, assess costs, and confidently guide strategy.

Features at a glance

The Upstream Supply Chain suite of services cover four primary categories: offshore drilling / rigs, subsea, marine construction and facilities.

Offshore Drilling / Rigs

The Offshore Drilling/Rigs offering includes quarterly global market analysis, trend data of rig supply and drilling demand, and an online Offshore Rig Tracking Tool:

Offshore Drilling & Rigs Service delivers quarterly trends and outlook reports for the drilling & rig space (includes both floating & jack-up markets) with accompanying background data. It will include a forecast of working rig counts and utilisation by country/water, depth/rig and type/rig class. You'll also receive key Insights covering rig operating costs, contracting trends, stacking costs, leading-edge day rates and M&A activity in the rig market.

Offshore Rig Tracking Tool is Spotfire-based and covers our historic rig data and rig tracking, allowing you to run asset searches, view contract data, rig utilisation and day rates.


The Subsea offerings include a quarterly global market analysis, market trend data and an online Spotfire tool that allows users to cut, visualize and manipulate the underlying data.

Subsea Market Service consists of a quarterly market report containing macro qualitative and quantitative analysis of the global subsea supply chain, giving you insight into major equipment demand, supplier market share, subsea tree start-up trends, and high level capacity and cost outlooks.

Subsea Market Tool provides a deep dive into the data behind our market report. This interactive online tool gives you the ability to visualize historical and forecast subsea project data, including project drivers of future equipment demand, and changes to equipment and market share via operator and supplier profiles.

Marine Construction

The Marine Construction offerings provide monthly and quarterly data and market analysis of the vessel market, as well as a Vessel Cost Model. 

Marine Construction Service is a quarterly market analysis of the subsea, umbilical, riser and flowline installation demand highlighting what has been awarded to vessels and what remains unawarded. The service also includes market share for the major marine contractors, regional demand trends, top operator activity and water depth trends.

Construction Vessel Schedule provides historical and future schedules for major deep-water marine construction assets on a monthly basis.

Vessel Function Database delivers critical vessel specifications illustrating installation and construction capabilities including top tension capacity, crane capacity, A&R tonnes, and max pipe diameter.

Vessel Cost Model allows the ability to build an estimated day rate for a comprehensive number of tier one and tier two installation and construction vessels. Users can customize the construction campaign through a number of interactive fields to further refine the estimated day rate.


Offshore Production Systems Service provides a quarterly market analysis and market data trends focusing on demand for fixed and floating production facilities. 

It includes a quarterly market overview of qualitative and quantitative analysis illustrating critical trends within the market space. Trends around regional demand, type demand, demand by volume, and value and historical market share drive the majority of the analysis. A data-only deliverable focusing on fixed production facility opportunities is also available.


  • 12,000+

    exploration, appraisal and development wells

  • 10,000+

    offshore developments

  • 19,000+

    fixed and floating production facilities

  • 1,200+

    offshore drilling assets

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