Feedstocks & Base Chemicals

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Identify commercial opportunities and advance strategic positions

The petrochemical industry plays a vital role in the global economy by providing the raw materials necessary for the production of a diverse range of goods. At Wood Mackenzie we understand the significance of staying ahead in this dynamic landscape.

Our integrated solutions offer unparalleled insights into feedstock & base chemical market fundamentals and asset benchmarking & valuations, delivering both long- and short-term perspectives to guide your strategic decisions.

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Petrochemical feedstocks

Optimise your commercial and strategic decision making with an integrated view of long-term market dynamics and strategic insights of global chemical feedstocks markets.

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Dive deeper into individual feedstock & base chemical solutions

Benzene, Styrene & Derivatives

Understand the key commercial trends, supply/demand and capacity with our industry-wide benzene and styrene market report services.

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Optimise your commercial strategy with an integrated view of long-term market dynamics and strategic insights into the global cumene-phenol markets.

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Metaxylene & Purified Isophthalic Acid Study

Assess the risks of tight supply and obtain insights on capacity and forecast demand for purified isophthalic acid (PIA) and metaxylene.

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Paraxylene & PTA

Understand paraxylene (PX) and purified terephthalic acid (PTA) price and market conditions, and compete more effectively through in-depth analysis of PX, PTA, DMT and polyester production capacity.

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Polyester & Raw Materials

Analyse the commercial and strategic drivers of polyester supply and demand, price forecasts and market trends for polyester markets.

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Gain essential insight into supply/demand, capacity developments and price forecasts to understand today’s markets and tomorrow’s trends.

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Untangle the complicated butadiene market with global supply and demand, price forecasts, petrochemical feedstock trends and relevant demand analyses from the automotive and synthetic rubber industry.

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Gain insight into propylene price and global markets with cutting-edge data on commercial trends, supply/demand and capacity.

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Ethylene Oxide, EODs & Glycols Service

Identify commercial opportunities and evaluate long term trends with market-leading research on ethylene oxide, glycols and other ethylene oxide (EOD) derivative industries.

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Petrochemical Feedstocks

Gain a comprehensive view of the chemical feedstocks markets with this unique and integrated dataset, to inform confident commercial and strategic decision making.

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Gain insights into the methanol market within the context of the value chain for strategic planning and investment identification.

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ABT Solutions

Understand asset profitability, commercial performance and the strategic drivers of competitive positioning.

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