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Polyester & Raw Materials

Analyse the commercial and strategic drivers of polyester supply and demand, price forecasts and market trends for polyester markets.

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Strengthen your decision making along the entire polyester value chain with strategic data and modelling tools

Consumption of this dynamic and versatile polymer has been growing at extraordinary rates over the past 30 years as technology has developed and it has found a place in so many applications.

Our polyester and raw materials services strengthen your decision-making along the entire polyester value chain, offering you a broader, deeper perspective from feedstocks to end products. Access our independent thinking in our monthly reports, test your theories with our long-term strategic data and modeling tools, and build your commercial plan with integrated analysis, all in the context of our wider chemicals research.

Features at a glance

We offer two polyester raw materials services to provide the information you need to support business decision-making:

  • Polyester raw materials daily service
  • Polyester raw materials short-term service

Polyester raw materials daily service

Our polyester raw materials daily service provides daily updates on crude, paraxylene, PTA, MEG, and polyester spot prices and Asia Pacific (China) market developments.

Polyester raw materials short-term service

Gain an integrated view of global short-term supply and demand, capacities, and pricing with granular analysis and expert insights of chemical markets.

Our polyester raw materials short-term service provides a monthly market outlook and a 3-month historic view of pricing in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific for the following chemicals:

  • Paraxylene (PX)
  • Purified terephthalic acid (PTA)
  • Dimethyl terephthalate (DMT)
  • Monoethylene Glycol (MEG)
  • Polyester

The service also includes weekly price and market updates for the three key regional markets listed above.

Designed to help you
  • Examine the outlook on production costs and profitability for polyester and raw materials markets
  • Recognise pricing and demand patterns for both polyester feedstocks and selected end products
  • Understand the supply/demand outlook both globally and regionally by country
  • Identify inter-regional trade patterns and arbitrage opportunities
  • Assess the effects of plant outages, supply restrictions, technology changes and other factors
  • Identify opportunities and manage risk in the commodity chemical markets

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