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Europe Power Solutions Discovery Germany for utilities

Comprehensive solutions for forecasting, evaluating and exploiting future opportunities in power generation and transmission

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Accurate forecasts

Get reliable and accurate forecasts at the click of a button. Our reliable and accurate real-time data helps you analyse future market dynamics and make the right decisions. 

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Proprietary data

To identify opportunities and inform investment decisions for projects, you need more than just access to published information on current and historic market performance. Wood Mackenzie’s proprietary data gives you the edge over the competition, maximising opportunity while minimising risk. 

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Expert insights

Benefit from our unrivalled industry access through subscriber-only reporting and analysis. The views of our European power market analysts are based on deep expertise and comprehensive data, and are valued and trusted across the industry. 

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Scenario modelling

Build models around your specific requirements to explore and evaluate future market dynamics and assess project viability and potential ROI.  

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An integrated solution

Benefit from a fully integrated solution that enables you to optimise your forecasting and maximise the efficiency of your research and planning. Our fast and easy-to-use platform offers a seamless user experience through a flexible and intuitive interface.

Why do thousands of utilities use Europe Power Solutions Discovery?

To gain a strategic overview of the market 

To predict and understand power market dynamics  

To model specific future market scenarios 

To compare real-time and historical data 

To understand and manage risk