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Europe Power Solutions Discovery Germany

Experience continuous intraday trading while staying ahead of the latest market movements

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Why choose our Europe Power Solutions?

Monitoring and evaluating various data inputs every day is time consuming and overwhelming. With our new intraday price forecasting to ensure your continuous trading in Germany is seamless while keeping up with the latest market movements. 

How can Europe Power Solutions Discovery Germany help you?

Features of this service


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  • Get unique, real-time market modelling using high-quality infrastructure and fundamental data at your fingertips.
  • Be able to react immediately as the volatile power market changes so you can maximise your business opportunities with minimum risk.
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  • Gain access to a suite of API data derived from our research team and extensive sensor network for a comprehensive view of the power grid in Germany.
  • Navigate end-to-end energy fundamentals with our exclusive analyst insights to find impactful, revenue-generating solutions with unmatched support.
  • Save time by condensing your workflow with our easy-to-understand data feed forecasts.
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  • View power fundamental forecasts including congestion events, pricing impacts, generation, and transmission outages, solar and power outputs, and more at 1-minute intervals.
  • Access an extensive monitoring network for all plant types including coal, gas, hydro, nuclear, wind, pumped storage, oil, and solar, giving you clear insight into plant operations and fuel burn across markets.
Make faster, more informed decisions

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Strengthen your trading strategies while considering all factors impacting the grid. Understand how to value assets and power plants to make optimal, informed trades, purchases, and sales while assessing risk vs. reward under current and forecasted market conditions. With our integrated and aggregated data model enhancement, you can react in real-time to the volatility of the power market with confidence.

Strategise and optimise current and future business plans, trades, and individual assets with our trusted, proprietary data & market insights. With access to our real-time data and congestion forecasts, you can more informed purchasing decisions and instantly respond to power movements with the least amount of risk.

Stay ahead of increasing market complexity by gaining oversight of power fundamentals for accurate production reporting and outages that can save time and costs. View our power grid data feed to foresee plant repairs, congestion, and transmissions across multiple power avenues at the same time.

Get 1-minute interval power movement information to accurately supply your clients with current supply, demand, and pricing to optimise their workflows and increase profits. With our wide sensor network coverage and centralised data collection, you can quickly identify possible trends and quantify their impact on your clients' trading strategies and building models.

Predicting market changes and projecting business success is challenging. Confidently and accurately schedule operations, manage on-site generation, and forecast demand while adhering to risk, credit policies, and regulations with our latest power model.

Our solution by the numbers

1,350+ total monitors across Europe

Over 1,300 EMF Monitors and 50+ IR Monitors

270+ Transmission Lines

400+ Generation Entities Monitored

Upgrade your workflow with our proprietary solutions


Europe Power Solutions: Monitoring

Europe Power Solutions: Discovery

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Real-time monitoring of plants, transmission, grid frequency


Includes analysis tools and price data


API access


Intraday price forecasting at 1-minute intervals in power markets across Germany                                                                               


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With trusted industry data, reliable forecasting, and unmatched analyst support, you can transform your position in the energy transition to grow your business into the future.

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