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PowerRT Japan

Access real-time power plant output and transmission flow data across the Japanese power markets.

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Leverage the best resource for Japan power market fundamentals

We deliver vital real-time generation and transmission visibility to power market participants. Our PowerRT platform provides unique capabilities to develop and improve strategies, analyse production, visualise fuel stacks and optimise asset utilisation.

PowerRT's mapping and dashboarding system gives an interactive representation of real-time power market fundamentals across the key Japanese markets. It brings together a vast array of quality fundamental power market insights including demand, conventional and renewable generation data from our patented monitoring systems, which track production in real time.

Our expert analysts validate all of our data and strive to keep you informed and ahead of the pack. 

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Features at a glance

High quality fundamental data

PowerRT is a credible and reliable source of Japanese power market data. Our data is collected from many sources and verified by our industry specialists. 

Plant outage data

We capture plant outage messages directly from the outage message publishing platform (HJKS) and process them to produce a normalised format. This data, combined with our tailor-made alerting on changes in output levels, gives you an industry edge.

State-of-the-art monitoring

Get a signal ahead of the curve with PowerRT. We send out alerts on significant market changes as they happen by employing a combination of electromagnetic field measurement monitors and infrared thermal cameras to seamlessly cover all significant power plants. 

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