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Our new North America Supply Chain Analysis Tool includes in-depth analysis of upstream spending across 15 key cost categories.

Created to help you understand well costs and design for individual operators' respective positions in basins and plays, you can also benchmark performance to improve your own operational efficiency.

Our granular data for individual plays and operators reports on 100 per cent of drilling and completion activity in the US and Canada so you can have absolute confidence in our short and long-term forecasts for both equipment and service requirements.

In the world's largest single upstream region by capex spend, it’s vital to rely on analysis that not only helps optimise the position you currently have but also identifies the opportunities on offer.

The North America Supply Chain Analysis Tool provides:

Integration with existing well, play and company analysis
All our North America upstream research is organised consistently by play, region and company, with our analysts working across supply chain costs, drilling activity and well analysis to ensure complete integration.

Granular breakdown of 15 cost categories
We look at expenditure across the entire region, as well as basins, plays and individual companies, to enable more accurate forecasting and reliable benchmarking. This pyramid of data extends to our methodology and modelling where we create a cost model for each company within each play.

Forecasting out to 2025 
We focus on not only who is buying equipment and services now, but forecast how activity and demand may change in future. This informs our near-term view, which is needed for negotiating with suppliers, through to the long-term which helps to identify opportunities for expansion into new plays and improve performance in areas where you are already operating. 

Transparent assumptions
We give clients the full picture by explaining how we've generated individual numbers and providing our methodology which describes the assumptions we have applied. All of the data we generate is presented in a Spotfire visualisation tool, and we provide you with direct access to our analysts to discuss any aspect of our research.

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