Carbon Intensity: not all assets are created equal

Pulling together a low-carbon portfolio will take more than looking at resource theme headlines

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In transitioning to a low-carbon future, conventional wisdom dictates that we need to shift away from high-carbon fuels in favour of lower carbon fuels. Within the oil and gas industry it's often suggested  that divesting from specific resource themes, particularly oil sands, is the way forward, but is it as simple as that?

Companies need to look beyond resource themes and review the variations in upstream emissions intensity to see how companies can reduce their  CO2 footprints. Even assets of the same theme can have significantly different emissions intensity based upon maturity, location and other unique factors.

2016-2025 Emissions and intensity by resource theme

Thirty-six countries currently impose a price on carbon, and a further 78 have indicated that they would either implement or consider implementing carbon pricing. This potential financial liability will have an impact on project economics.

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Gavin Law, Head of Gas and Power Consulting

Gavin Law, Head of Gas, LNG & Carbon Consulting


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