What are Wood Mackenzie's energy transition scenarios?

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Accelerated Energy Transition scenarios for 1.5 degrees (AET-1.5) and 2 degrees (AET-2)

Our energy transition scenarios show our view of possible states of the world that meet the condition of putting global greenhouse gas emissions on course to limit the rise in global temperatures since pre-industrial times to 1.5 °C (in AET 1.5) or 2 °C (in AET-2) by the end of this century. There are multiple potential pathways for getting there, and these scenarios are our interpretation of the likeliest route, given the policy drivers and technological innovation required.

We do not assign a probability to the likelihood of any particular scenario being realised.

The Wood Mackenzie base case

Our base case represents our judgement of the most likely outcome, taking into account the expected evolution of policy and technology over the coming decades.

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