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Energy Transition Service

Quantify the pace and change of the energy transition across all commodities, markets, technologies and segments.

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Energy and natural resource markets are facing major uncertainties that will affect the global energy balance and inter-fuel dynamics for years to come. Global net zero plans mean a rapid increase for renewables, low-carbon fuels and emerging technologies. These will all impact fuels demand across all sectors of the energy landscape, drastically altering energy demand. How can companies target new opportunities and analyse how disruptive trends will affect the energy transition in the long term?

What is the Energy Transition Service?

The energy market is constantly evolving, and responding to each new development requires a deep understanding of fuel demand, the role of policy in fuel choices, and supply profiles across all fuels in the power and non-power sectors. The Energy Transition Service and Tool leverages our entire commodity analysis platform to deliver integrated energy market research underpinned by extensive expertise, proprietary models and robust market knowledge.

You will receive:

  • Access to energy transition data for fuels, markets, technologies and sectors via our interactive data tool offering custom visualisations, charting and direct data downloads
  • Energy supply and demand forecasts for ~100 countries in seven regions covering coal, oil, gas, renewables, bio-energy, nuclear, hydrogen and carbon capture
  • Sector coverage including industry, transport, residential/commercial/agricultural, transmission and transformation issues, and power
  • Macroeconomic outlooks including GDP, industrial production and demographics
  • Market-driven insights, in-depth reports, and proprietary cost models for critical technologies like low-carbon hydrogen, carbon capture and storage, geothermal and advanced nuclear
  • Quarterly tracking of carbon policy and price dynamics
  • Proprietary scenarios like the Accelerated Energy Transition 1.5 degrees (AET1.5) reflecting global net zero by 2050.
  • 99%

    of global energy demand from 99 markets and regions

  • 3

    proprietary outlooks and scenarios with resultant emissions pathways

  • 13

    energy units: compare fuel trends with standard unit conversions

Designed to help you:
  • Gain insight into how the fuel mix will evolve and affect oil, gas, coal, nuclear, renewables, bioenergy and low-carbon fuels
  • Understand market fundamentals for ~100 countries
  • Screen for investment opportunities in new markets
  • Understand technology cost curve reduction to screen for scale up opportunities
  • Explore whether further E&P is justified under future energy transition scenarios
  • Discover critical insight on policy, regulation, prices, sectoral analysis and infrastructure.