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Keeping pace with the energy transition

How our consultants helped a leading energy company to identify clean energy investments.


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The challenge: making the right investment choices

Decarbonisation is firmly on the agenda. And this poses a host of challenges, opportunities and tough choices for energy companies.  

New energy strategies are evolving fast. How can companies position for a zero-carbon world? How much capital should be invested, in what technologies, and when?

Faced with these big questions, a leading international energy company turned to us for help. Our brief was to identify new clean energy investment opportunities in South East Asia.

Avoiding nuclear and coal as energy sources, we were tasked with identifying solar, wind, gas and hydro investments, as well as looking at the grid, delivery solutions, energy storage and batteries. 

Our approach: devising a thorough strategic plan  

Navigating the global energy transition is complex. Companies need a deep market, player and regulatory understanding to make informed investment decisions.

Using our South East Asia Gas and Power Service as well as orignal research, we provided a thorough breakdown of:

  • Which technologies to invest in, and why
  • Where to invest, by country and region
  • Potential acquisition targets
  • What business models to follow.

We then devised a strategic roadmap with the company’s short, medium and long-term goals in mind.

Wood Mackenzie offered us a reliable and forward-thinking service. We benefited from the company’s deep understanding of energy markets to help us navigate the challenge of how to respond effectively to decarbonisation.

Internal project manager

The result: A clear path for the future

With a solid strategic plan in place, the company was able to make informed decisions about future energy investments in South East Asia.

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