Petroleum fiscal systems insight

Assessing a changing landscape

There were over 40 changes to fiscal systems in 2016, and we foresee 2017 being just as busy, with several countries already formally reviewing terms. Industry’s renewed interest in investment could be stimulated or paralysed by the direction taken by these fiscal policies. Critically, fiscal changes can impact existing assets – disruption – or only apply to new licences – evolution.

Our latest report highlights the key issues surrounding this topic, and draws out the key implications for those involved:

  • Are asset portfolios at risk?
  • Should investors continue with their allocations, or look for investments elsewhere?
  • In this climate, will fiscal regimes remain competitive, or will investors look elsewhere?
  • How can governments attract investors, without leaving revenue on the table?

This report helps participants, suppliers and advisors understand trends, risks and issues within the upstream oil and gas industry, and provides an expert point of view to support informed decision making. Register to request your complimentary copy of this report:

This report contains valuable insight into the petroleum fiscal outlook for 2017, and is therefore restricted to industry-specific professionals. We reserve the right to restrict access to this report. If you qualify to receive this report you will be contacted via email with a link to download the report.