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The state of the upstream industry

We asked our customers - spanning Majors, E&Ps, NOCs, the service sector and the financial community - to share their thoughts on the key issues affecting oil and gas.

Key themes:

  • Expectations of oil prices in the short and long-term
  • Hot topics – investment, costs, and growth options
  • Challenges that need to be overcome

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The oil and gas industry is in a state of flux. Oil prices have dropped and there’s uncertainty on whether they’ll recover from around US$50/bbl.

When it comes to moving forward, some companies are thinking of growth while others still have work ahead to adapt to the new reality. All are considering their next investments, and how they can remain profitable in the current state of the industry.

In the hopes of tapping into what the industry itself is thinking, we asked our customer base comprising of majors, E&Ps, NOCs, the service sector and the financial community to share their thoughts on a few key themes. 


State of the Upstream industry survey results

Martin Kelly, Head of Corporate Analysis, walks us through the results.


What is a hurdle rate and what role does it play in project sanctions?

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