North America gas: 5 things to look for in 2024

Predictions for the year ahead

Daniel Myers

Senior Research Analyst, North America Gas

Daniel delivers short-term fundamental modelling and regional market analysis.

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Inside this year's report:

The natural gas market in North America entered 2024 with relatively healthy storage. Henry Hub's gas price escalation to near double-digits in the summer of 2022 had subsided and left in its wake record production and a mild start to the winter. 

Drawing on Lens Gas & LNG, in this report we tackle the key questions on five key trends for the year ahead:

  1. Price volatility: will renewed volatility later in 2024 highlight the need for further storage capacity development?
  2. Resilient power demand: will gas-fired power persist near record levels?
  3. LNG export growth: what does the second wave of LNG terminal development look like?
  4. Infrastructure expansion: how will the market position for future production growth?
  5. Renewable natural gas (RNG) momentum: can demand-side contracting gain tangible traction?

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