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Graff and Venus: game-changers for Namibia’s upstream industry?

Shell and TotalEnergies’ giant deepwater discoveries could be transformational

1 minute read

There's a new kid on the block in Sub-Saharan Africa’s upstream industry. After two successive giant offshore discoveries, Namibia is the hottest play in the region right now.

Shell struck first with its Graff discovery – its largest discovery in Sub-Saharan Africa since Bonga in 1996. TotalEnergies followed with its multi-billion barrel Venus find. It could prove to be Sub-Saharan Africa's biggest ever oil discovery.

So, what do these game-changing deepwater discoveries really mean for Namibia?

In a new video, Liam Yates, Juma Mlawa, Andrew Latham and Tom Ellacott use Wood Mackenzie Lens to explore:

  • The evolving trend of African deepwater exploration
  • The transformational potential of Graff and Venus
  • The scale of the opportunity for Shell and TotalEnergies
  • Current and projected production for the region
  • And more. 

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