How is Russia’s war with Ukraine affecting gas markets – and the global economy?

Our new weekly Russia/Ukraine briefing explores what the conflict means for the global economy and natural resources sectors

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While the unfolding human tragedy is undoubtedly the biggest impact of the Russia/Ukraine war, the global implications are wide and varied. The conflict is a major disruptor for geopolitics, the global economy and commodity markets.

In a new series of weekly briefings, our analysts will explore the impact and challenges the conflict presents to the sectors we cover: oil and gas, metals and mining, power and renewables, corporate and petrochemicals.

Our first briefing focuses on gas and the economy. In it, we outline:

  • A snapshot of updates across geopolitics, commodities and the economic impacts

From intensifying pressure from sanctions to rising metals prices and the latest corporate actions.

  • Economics: how the war risks throwing the global economy off course

A look at the global GDP downside scenario and short term impact on Russia and Ukraine.

  • Gas markets: EU/US proposals – and our take

The EU and US have proposed bold targets to reduce dependence on Russian gas – are they achievable? Plus, how LNG is already providing alternative sources to Russia.

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How is Russia's war with Ukraine affecting the global economy and markets?

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