NEO Energy and Sval Energi sale rumours - what could the portfolios offer a buyer?

The current combined production for the companies is over 150 kboe/d but they offer different value propositions

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Daniel Rogers

Senior Oil and Gas Analyst

Daniel Rogers is a senior analyst at Wood Mackenzie

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The upstream M&A market is currently red hot. Consolidation and scale are key deal drivers and the North Sea continues to punch above its weight for transactions.

The recent press reports that private-equity owner HitecVision is putting NEO Energy and Sval Energi up for sale, is bound to attract attention from North Sea incumbents and newcomers alike. The two companies were created in 2019 and since then HitecVision has spent billions scaling them up into prominent North Sea players. With the owners now seeking an exit, we analyse both portfolios utilising the power of Wood Mackenzie's Lens Upstream in the below video.

Watch our short video for a brief summary:


In the full video, our analysts use our Lens platform to explore:

  • What each entity looks like in terms of production, near-term investment, operating costs and emissions intensity
  • What are the risks and opportunities associated with each portfolio?
  • What could the key strategic drivers behind a potential acquisition be?
  • What a potential buyer would look like

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