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Benzene, Styrene & Derivatives

Understand the key commercial trends, supply/demand, and capacity with our industry-wide benzene and styrene market report services.

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Benefit from an independent benzene market outlook

The global benzene and styrene industries have become more vulnerable to unexpected production issues, resulting in greater price volatility. This may damage long-term derivative demand growth as customers are pressed to switch to polymers with more stable prices.

Drawing upon market-leading analysis of the oil, gasoline and naphtha markets that impact production, our service is the industry's only integrated offering that provides in-depth data, analysis and production costs associated with global supply and demand.

Features at a glance

To gain the insight you need for the benzene and styrene industry, we offer three services:

  • Benzene and styrene short-term service
  • Benzene long-term service
  • Styrene long-term service
  • Styrene asset benchmarking tool

Benzene & Styrene short-term service

Gain an integrated view of global short-term supply and demand, capacities, and pricing with granular analysis and expert insights of benzene and styrene chemical markets.

Our short-term service covers the benzene and styrene industries globally, including weekly and monthly deliverables covering week-to-week market events and tactics.

Deliverables include a weekly PDF report and access to a monthly pricing dataset with forecasts available for the following commodities:

  • Benzene
  • Crude oil
  • Cumene
  • Ethylbenzene
  • Gasoline
  • Mixed Xylenes
  • Naphtha
  • Natural Gas
  • Styrene
  • Toluene

Benzene & Styrene long-term service

Optimise your commercial strategy with an integrated view of long-term market dynamics and strategic insights of global chemical markets.

We offer long-term services separately for benzene and styrene. Both services provide details on market trends and include data, analysis, and strategic insights to help you make informed business decisions.           

Deliverables include a bi-annual report covering market events and tactics, through to long-term (year-to-year) market outlooks and strategic options. The report covers global benzene and styrene production and consumption activity of around 100 million tonnes per year, involving over 300 sites and 1,200 assets globally.

You will also have access to the price, cost, and margin dataset as detailed above in the short-term service description.

Styrene asset benchmarking tool

Optimise your commercial strategy with an integrated view of long-term market dynamics and strategic insights of global chemical markets.

This tool generates a profile that models the yields of around 157 styrene-producing assets globally. The tool covers 29 unique data points per asset, 14 end-use market prices and 3 production routes, including conventional EB/SM route, PO/SM route, and newly developed pygas extraction route. New functionalities such as cost comparison on a delivered basis, switch between different cost bases are also introduced for comprehensive analysis in a rapidly evolving market environment.

For the styrene ABT regional asset coverage includes Europe, Middle East, Russia and Caspian, Africa, North America, Latin America and Asia.

Learn more about our asset benchmarking tools here.

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    regional market reports

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    monthly market reports

  • Annual

    supply/demand analysis

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Designed to help you:
  • Examine the outlook on production costs and profitability for benzene, styrene and key feedstocks
  • Understand the supply/demand outlook both globally and regionally, by country
  • Identify inter-regional trade patterns and arbitrage opportunities
  • Assess the impacts of plant outages, supply restrictions, technology changes and other factors
  • Recognise and understand price drivers
  • Identify investment opportunities and manage risk in the commodity chemical markets