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Flexible Packaging

Analyse global trends in flexible packaging to identify growth opportunities, gain strategic insights and build strong relationships.

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Understand the role of flexible packaging in the global packaging market

The global market for flexible packaging has been dominated by the affluent markets of Europe and North America over the last 15-20 years. However, as these mature markets begin to focus on the volume of packaging in use, flexible packaging demand growth in Asia has accelerated in response to growth in food processing and packaged food consumption. Keeping track of both upstream and downstream global market trends while trying to maximise added value is essential.

Whether you are a substrate producer or polymer supplier who needs market forecasts, a substrate converter looking for new product opportunities, a flexible packaging company needing to make informed choices on different packaging formats or a waste handling company providing end of use solutions, our dedicated subscription services and regional supply/demand market services help you make better decisions and reduce business risks.

Features at a glance

For the flexible packaging industry, we offer 2 services:

  • Flexible packaging short-term service
  • Flexible packaging long-term service


Flexible packaging short-term service

Gain an integrated view of global short-term supply and demand, capacities, and pricing with granular analysis and expert insights of chemical markets.

Our short-term service includes actual flexible substrate pricing globally and includes short-term industry trends and developments, updated on a quarterly basis.

We provide an unbiased, independent analysis of the drivers of changes within the industry and all relevant industry announcements and new developments, including environmental and waste handling trends impacting flexible packaging markets. This service highlights market opportunities and threats regarding substrates, converting industry, and end-use markets.

Within this service we also provide a European flexible packaging cost index, covering various laminate structures typically used within the industry; this cost index demonstrates the impact of changes in the quarterly substrate prices on the total cost of producing a typical laminate structure.                

Flexible packaging long-term service

Optimise your commercial strategy with an integrated view of long-term market dynamics and strategic insights of global chemical markets.

With our long-term service, we provide analysis of the major factors driving demand in the converted flexible packaging market by end-use and by country. We include statistical tables and figures of historic growth by value and volume and 5-year value forecasts.

The report also includes detailed reviews of production, trade flows, and demand by major consuming markets. Profiles of key regional converters are provided, including a summary of known operations and estimated regional sales.

Designed to help you:
  • Identify where flexible packaging is being produced and consumed
  • Understand the factors which will influence future flexible packaging choices, formats and specifications
  • Anticipate the movement of product in our supply / demand balances
  • Gain greater insights into your customers and suppliers
  • Understand the implications of transportation and supply challenges on profit margins