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Asia Pacific Power & Renewables Service

Capture the long-term impact of technology, regulations, economic growth and fuel price changes on power supply, demand and prices

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An integrated outlook on the market’s future to guide your strategic planning in power asset investment

In the past decade Asia Pacific markets have still relied mainly on conventional power technologies to meet new power demand, with over 80% of power output coming from coal, gas, nuclear and hydro. Along the way, renewable power has also been quickly ramping up. The region’s wind and solar installed base produced an estimated 1,380 Terawatt-hours (TWh) of electricity in 2021, enough to displace coal-fired power plants that would emit over 1,200 million tons of carbon dioxide per year.

Looking ahead, US$2.9 trillion of investment will go into power generation in Asia Pacific in the next decade, including 60% in wind and solar. We see a range of investors moving into this booming market from local utilities, global banks and funds, oil & gas companies and end-users looking to reduce carbon emissions.

Features at a glance

Whether you are assessing market opportunities or strategic positioning, carving out a supply-chain strategy, planning your next renewables energy project investment or looking for value enhancement of your power assets, our service is here to support with foundational data and analysis.

Access to this service includes:

  • Technology cost competitiveness report: annual update report on power generation costs (LCOE) based on expert data inputs and local market dynamics by region to 2050, including all power technology including utility and distributed solar PV, onshore and offshore wind, nuclear, hydro, coal-fired and gas-fired power, plus CCS, storage, gas peakers and more.

  • Regional integrated power outlooks using hourly dispatch models: bi-annual updates on power demand growth, capacity build, generation, wholesale and retail prices, capture prices, retirements, and hourly generation profiles

  • Country power market reports: in-depth research on trends, risks, opportunities, company profiles, and regional market dynamics, covering 12 key power markets across the region, including Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan and Vietnam plus additional data covering Pakistan, Bangladesh and Hong Kong

  • Deep-dive reports on corporate power procurement and asset ownership in Asia Pacific plus datasets on PPAs and companies

  • Technology market outlook reports: annual reports analyzing the competitive landscape, policy dynamics, growth drivers for wind, solar and energy storage technologies

  • Topical market-driven insights: timely, impactful analysis on policy, demand, power prices, developer opportunities and risks, technology trends, market reforms, grid integration, and M&A activity shaping the Asia Pacific power and renewables markets

  • Proprietary database: project tracking and segmentation by country, owner, size and other project data, plus power asset M&A database

  • 80+

    sub-regions across 12 key Asia Pacific markets

  • 99%

    of Asia Pacific power demand

  • 500,000

    data points covering historical data and forecasts

  • 30-year outlook into 2050

    for capacity, volume and price