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North America Power Solutions

From hedging strategies and investment opportunities to plant operations and forecasting supply and demand dynamics, stay ahead of the power market with unmatched access to real-time monitoring data, power flow analytics, and modeling capabilities.

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Nationwide power data coverage and modelling

North America Power Solutions are designed to help you optimize generation assets, evaluate developments and investment opportunities, and conduct further data modeling by streamlining data access and workflows. Enjoy broader, more flexible data and analytics—public and proprietary—across legacy Genscape products along with the ability to build internal models and access analysts.

Solutions scale by breadth and cadence according to your need and region, enabling access to most ISO data and analytics that can be integrated directly into your workflows. 

  • 580+

    plants monitored

  • 2,065+

    transmission lines

  • 30+ analysts

    dedicated to power markets

  • 10

    ISO regions covered

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Features at a glance

View real-time power market fundamentals
Including congestion events, pricing impacts, generation and transmission outages, solar and wind output, available capacity, and more.

Fill in the gaps with unparalleled coverage
North America Power Solutions offer up-to-the-minute power market information for key electric markets including ISO-NE, NYISO, PJM, MISO, SPP, ERCOT, CAISO, SERC, and WECC.

Uncover trends, patterns and opportunities
Better understand supply stack dynamics, line flows, and congestion levels, enabling you to uncover potential patterns.

Access an extensive monitoring network
We monitor all plant types including coal, gas, hydro, nuclear, wind, pumped storage, oil, and solar, giving you clear insight into plant operations and fuel burn in a given region.

Monitoring regional volatility
Mitigate risk and lower costs by Modelling real-time and historical analytics, such as wind and load forecasts, within relevant ISOs.

Strategizing daily bidding and scheduling + monthly auction activity
Use historical bid data to inform bidding strategies to optimize clients’ positions for selling and hedging.

Benchmarking and monitoring your portfolio
Understand the competitive landscape and the company’s risk tolerance through analyst insight