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Can the energy industry rise to the challenge of climate change?

Our energy transition experts take on some of the trickiest questions about how to meet the world’s future energy needs while managing climate change. Get the highlights and fill in the form on this page to get an extract from the 100-page Energy Transition Outlook H1 2019.
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A call to action to the global energy industry

Wood Mackenzie President Neal Anderson introduces our 2019 Energy Transition Outlook and examines why the energy mix is not changing nearly as quickly as the world needs it to
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Big Oil and climate change: the long road

The threat of climate change represents an existential challenge to the oil and gas industry, and to the Majors in particular. If they are to remain investible – five, ten years from now – all will need to transition to business models that are aligned with the goals of the Paris Agreement. What that actually entails is the trillion-dollar question – one which the entire industry is wrestling with right now. This new report examines the options. 
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Strategy update: Shell's 2019 Management Day 

Shell presented an eagerly anticipated strategy update at its June 2019 Management Day. Investors had been seeking greater clarity on the story beyond 2020. The company delivered, providing detailed guidance to 2025 and a better sense of longer-term direction.

The overarching message was that Shell is continuing the journey that it embarked upon in 2017 – building a company to “thrive in the energy transition” while delivering a “world class investment case”.

Cash flow and shareholder distributions remain paramount. Long-term strategy is all about resilience. Energy transition loomed large throughout the day. While there was less focus on carbon framework specifics than there had been at MD17, we got a better feel for the potential implications.

From our vantage point, Shell's upstream arm increasingly looks like a low growth cash-machine, as the rest of the company morphs into a giant energy trading and marketing business, weighted to low carbon. 
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