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Europe's moonshot moment as it aims for zero net emissions in 2050

In this week's Energy Pulse with Ed Crooks, the European Commission plans radical change to cut EU emissions to zero by 2050, with potentially huge implications for energy companies.
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How the energy transition could create tougher fiscal terms for upstream investors

The energy transition will take centre stage in 2020, having a profound impact on the global upstream investment environment. What does the changing sentiment towards fossil fuels mean for investors, explorers and producers? We asked our experts in petroleum economics how tax regime changes could be employed by governments under pressure to decarbonise.
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What does 2020 hold for the global upstream oil and has industry?

What are the biggest trends to watch in the upstream oil and gas business in 2020? Our team of global upstream analysts has come together to share their predictions for the industry in the next 12 months. Visit this page to get complimentary copies of the reports covering the regions you're interested in.
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Electric Vehicle Service: H1 2019 long-term outlook

Wood Mackenzie forecasts electric vehicle sales (including autonomous) to increase from 2 million units in 2018 to over 42 million units by 2040. However, this scale of EV penetration will not come without challenges. Buy this report to get a complete view of how the next two decades will play out in advanced transportation. You'll benefit from our integrated analysis of the EV value chain across three key industries: mining, power and oil/fuels. This report comes with datasets and charts, including this one, tracking the fall in battery costs between now and 2040. This substantial drop in battery costs will be a key factor in helping EVs to go mainstream during the 2030s.

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