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Women in energy and natural resources

Why women are leading the energy transition

Listen to this episode of Women's Energy Council podcast series with three WoodMac women, who share their career stories and discuss the role for women in creating a sustainable future.

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Scroll down for some of the latest research and analysis from Wood Mackenzie's women in energy and natural resources.  

The natural resources sector has a gender diversity problem – there simply aren't enough women

The benefits of a diverse workforce are obvious. Numerous studies evidence the dollar value of diversity, and there's evidence to suggest that the lack of diversity in oil and gas companies’ boardrooms is holding back the energy transition.

And yet, the problem persists. Wood Mackenzie is on a journey to close the gap in our business and to inspire the natural resources world to do the same. 

On this page, we showcase research and analysis from some of our most accomplished and influential women. Scroll down to meet a few of the many outstanding women we're proud to work with – and explore their latest thinking.

Plus, you can find out how our teams have assisted with the installation of solar panels in a community in Puerto Rico, to help power homes and a shelter for victims of domestic violence.

  • Only 15%

    of the US petroleum oil field services workforce are women

  • Only 15%

    of the global metals and mining workforce are women

  • 1 in 20

    CEOs in mining are women


Empowering women

We teamed up with Let's Share the Sun to help provide energy security for homes and for Casa Julia, a shelter for victims of domestic violence in Puerto Rico.

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Latest thinking from Wood Mackenzie's women in energy and natural resources