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The Energy Gang podcast: a breakthrough in the energy game

The possibilities and scalability of NET Power's technology

1 minute read

Zero-emission, low-cost electricity, delivered to the grid from natural-gas fuelled technology. A wright-brothers first flight kind of breakthrough in energy?

The gang discuss the possibilities and scalability of NET Power's technology, a Texas-based energy company who’ve made this exact claim.

Ed is joined as usual by Melissa Lott from Columbia University, and Emily Chasan from Generate Capital.

The other big story of the week was the collapse of British energy provider Bulb, the 6th largest provider in the country and an issue that has impacted some 2 million customers. Could the same thing happen in the US? Within those talks, the pros and cons of carbon capture technology are explored, and if the Biden administration made the right decision to release 50 million barrels of petroleum from the SPR to help ease the heightened holiday energy demand.

The gang leaves you with some holiday-season free electrons, including a cracking joke from Ed, and find out why climate change is affecting Canada’s maple syrup production.

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