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Can we call COP27 a success? | Podcast

The rubber hits the road for climate finance

1 minute read

The COP27 climate talks have been held in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt. It’s a popular tourist destination, but the negotiators discussing ways to limit global warming and address the harm done by climate change have not been able to relax. The talks have been pretty hard going. 

Recurring Energy Gang guests Melissa Lott of Columbia University, and Amy Myers-Jaffe, who has just got a new job at New York University, join host Ed Crooks to discuss the progress that has been made, and where there is still more left to do. Both Melissa and Amy have had colleagues attending the summit, and we hear what they have been working on. The gang discusses the prospect of meeting the Paris Agreement goal of limiting global warming to 1.5˚C, the steps taken since COP26 in Glasgow a year ago, and the issue of how to compensate poorer countries for the loss and damage caused by climate change.  

We discuss how this is where the rubber really hits the road in climate talks: when negotiators tackle the critical questions of who pays. Many countries say they back the idea of a new facility to assist the countries that have been hit by climate-related disasters. But many also say they believe they should not have to pay themselves. 

The gang then transitions over to claims of another comeback for nuclear power. COP27 has had a pro-nuclear tilt, as energy security becomes a larger issue. But where does nuclear fit in the energy transition?  

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