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The Energy Gang podcast: Bridging the gap between finance and climate change

The importance of investors' positions in helping speed up the energy transition

1 minute read

In recent years, news headlines are frequently filled with announcements of financial institutions, funds, and corporations making hefty pledges to transform their portfolios to ensure that they stay in line with net-zero targets.

Ed Crooks is joined by Shanu Mathew, the VP of Sustainable Investing and Net-Zero Research at Lazard Asset Management, and Amy Myers Jaffe, the Managing Director of the Climate Policy Lab at the Fletcher School at Tufts University; two professionals who have spent the majority of their careers bridging the  connections between investment and climate change.

In this episode, the gang asks: is this new wave of support for the energy transition motivated by making a quick buck, or has there really been a change of opinion on the opportunities net-zero has to offer? Also, how is the changing climate affecting investments, and how are investors driving the transition? 

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