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The Energy Gang podcast: 2021 top 5 stories re-broadcast

The team discusses the top 5 energy-related stories of 2021.

1 minute read

The gang are taking a break this week. Instead of a new episode we're rebroadcasting our special edition live episode where the team discusses the top 5 energy-related stories of 2021.

This episode was originally live-streamed for our Grid Edge Innovation series at the end of December 2021.

This week on the show we have Ed Crooks, Emily Chassan from Generate Capital and Amy Myers-Jaffe from Tufts University. The group discusses how 'smart' devices are changing energy retailing, and the role of SPAC's in financing clean energy deployment.

The gang looks back on 2021, and ranks the top 5 stories in energy for the year. They look back at the successes of investment company Engine No.1, developments in energy storage, green stimulus in Europe, and more.

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