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The Energy Gang podcast: The changing future of ESG investing

The idea of climate-focused investing has been under attack

1 minute read

Today, we’re following the money. Where does investment go in order to build a zero-carbon future? Where does the money get used, and where does it not?

This week Ed is joined by Emily Chasan, Director of Communications at Generate Capital, and Shanu Matthew, Vice-President of Sustainable Investing and Net Zero Research at Lazard Asset Management.

There are now trillions of dollars of capital in the market, aligned with the goal of getting to net zero. But in the past few months we’ve seen a backlash from politicians, regulators and even in the investment industry itself. The idea of climate-focused investing has been under attack in a broader pushback against the concept of ESG investing. The gang examine why this is, how the landscape is changing and how we can solve the issue of short-term pressures competing with long-term climate goals.

Next up, we switch our focus to the billionaire Atlassian founder Mike Cannon-Brookes, and his bid to takeover legacy gas provider AGL in Australia. Is this the future of ESG investing?

Finally the gang examine President Biden’s use of powers under the Defense Production Act to boost clean energy. What are the implications of the government stepping in to try to direct the private sector to support climate goals?

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