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The current state of investment in the energy transition | Podcast

The gang takes a deep dive into where investors are putting their money

1 minute read

The world is facing a great financial strain – what does this mean for the investment in the energy transition?

On this episode of the Energy Gang, host Ed Crooks is joined by Nneka Kibuule from Aligned Climate Capital, and Sam Scroggins from Lazard.

The gang starts the discussion by looking at the state of the economy. There is a surge of inflation being felt around the world. In the US, the current rate of consumer inflation is at 8.2%. As a direct result, 30 year mortgage interest rates are at their highest levels in two decades. In Europe, they brace for a rise in energy costs as winter looms near. We explore what this means for investment in low carbon energy and the cost of renewables.

Back in August, the Biden Administration signed into law the Inflation Reduction Act, with tax credits that they hope will help stimulate more investment into wind, solar, storage, hydrogen and nuclear power. The bill is projected to have a huge positive impact over the next ten years, but is it already changing decisions on investments being made now? And what happens when the political landscape changes?

Next, we shift our focus from the discussion of climate mitigation — cutting greenhouse gas emissions — and turn it towards climate adaptation and resilience. Recent events like the category 4 hurricane that destroyed parts of the Southeastern US and parts of Cuba, have highlighted the need for resiliency in local communities. Governments are committing money to strengthening the resilience of communities and infrastructures, but is there more the private sector can do to assist in climate adaptation? Can they generate a return from these hard to monetise spaces?

Listen in as the gang takes a deep dive into where investors are putting their money.

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