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The Energy Gang podcast: The Supreme Court vs the EPA

Rejecting the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan

1 minute read

There is never a dull moment in the world of energy. Despite the summer holidays in the northern hemisphere, this week was full of announcements and big news stories.

Regular Energy Gang member Melissa Lott steps in as host this week while Ed Crooks takes a well-earned holiday. Joining Melissa is Emily Chasan from Generate Capital and Robbie Orvis from Energy Innovation.

The discussion starts with the US Supreme Court’s decision to impose new limits on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) by rejecting the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan. New limits send a message about the reluctance to have the EPA make regulatory decisions on carbon emissions.

Next up, the gang focuses on the Russia-Ukraine war and inflation and their influence on the price of renewables. The cost of new-build onshore wind has risen seven percent year-on-year, and solar by 14%.

Shockwaves in energy prices are still reverberating around the globe. High gas prices have led President Biden to propose a suspension of federal gas taxes, but will this work?

Finally, we examine the news from California: state governor Gavin Newsom asked the federal government to ensure the Diablo Canyon nuclear plant qualifies for funds to help it remain in service. Why? And is this indicative of changing attitudes toward nuclear?

As always, check out our Twitter to let us know your thoughts and any future topics you want us to discuss. We’re @TheEnergyGang.

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