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The Energy Gang podcast: what the US can learn from Australia with renewables

Australia's energy networks are receiving a huge update of distributed solar

1 minute read

Achieving net zero emissions requires collaboration from a multitude of government organizations and businesses.

For a country the size of Australia, 24% of electricity coming from renewables is a huge accomplishment. But it does not come easy. Australia has two large interconnected energy networks, the National Electricity Market along the East Coast, with demand of 30-35 GW, and the Western Australia Electricity Market, with demand between 2-3 GW. Both networks are receiving a huge update of distributed solar which means the amount of energy generated by renewables is constantly increasing.

Hitachi Energy, a longtime partner of The Energy Gang has played an integral role in helping Australia to achieve this, and on today’s episode, Ed Crooks is joined by two key representatives from Hitachi Energy, to discuss their work in Australia and examine some of the lessons that other countries can learn from Australia’s experience.

Juergen Zimmerman is Business Development and Technology Manager for Hitachi Energy, based in Darwin, Australia.

John Glassmire is Senior Advisor for Grid Edge Solutions, also at Hitachi Energy and based in Seattle.

This episode was produced in collaboration with Hitachi Energy. Hitachi is helping to accelerate the energy transition by developing digital and energy platforms, helping customers to overcome the complexity and capacity challenges required to transition towards a carbon-neutral energy system.

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