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The Energy Gang podcast: Why this IPCC climate report is different

We review the world’s most peer-reviewed report on climate change.

1 minute read

The world’s most scrutinized and peer-reviewed document is out: the IPCC report on climate change. 

Thousands of scientists have spent decades pouring over every measurement and research report known. The findings are clearer than ever: It is “virtually certain” that the increases in extreme temperatures and droughts are caused by human activity. 

The economic and human toll from climate change is here. So how is this report different from previous IPCC reports?

Plus, is the push for hydrogen a real pathway, or a clever way to lock in more emissions? We’ll look at the debate over “blue” hydrogen emissions.

And, how far have the politics of climate really shifted in Washington? Will a change in tone mean a boost in action?

Katherine Hamilton and Ed Crooks are this week’s co-hosts.

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