Mexico's Energy Reform pays off with Zama

Following the announcement this morning that Talos energy and its partners Premier Oil and Sierra Oil & Gas have made a discovery at Zama-1, drilled in Block 7 offshore Mexico, please find below initial comment from Pablo Medina, Wood Mackenzie's senior analyst, Latin America Upstream.

Pablo Medina said: "The Zama discovery by Talos is the most important achievement so far of Mexico's Energy Reform. According to data from our Upstream Data Tool, it is one of the 10 largest shallow-water fields discovered in the past 20 years."

Pablo added: "On top of this, Zama is the first find by a private company in Mexico in almost 80 years."

Talos - Sierra - Premier's Zama Field Discovery is Exciting for Mexico

Talos, Sierra, and Premier announced the first major oil discovery in Mexico since energy reform started in 2013.

Giant Zama discovery marks new dawn in Mexico

Obo Idornigie and Greg Roddick, Principal Analysts, Corporate Service, share their thoughts on Premier and Eni's shallow water discoveries in Mexico.