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Wood Mackenzie launches first-of-its-kind refinery intelligence tool

Refinery I/O combines refinery analytics with proprietary operation monitoring

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Wood Mackenzie is now offering Refinery I/O, a new tool providing daily refinery analytics from proprietary data sets.

“Refinery I/O builds upon the best of Wood Mackenzie’s refinery offerings to create a unique product unparalleled by anything in the market today,” said Short-Term Oil Analytics and Forecasting Research Manager, Robert Bickhart. “The refinery-level granularity, daily frequency, and clean analytical output provides an unparalleled user experience.”

With access to crude and refined product input/output data, users no longer need to rely solely on in-house workflows to predict changes in the refinery market. They can also use Refinery I/O to calculate daily crude oil volume consumption and refined product output volumes from refineries in the US and Canada.

Intelligence tools and proprietary refinery signals come together in Refinery I/O to generate verifiable daily results for users who would traditionally be responsible for sourcing, calculating, and analyzing the data using internal company resources.

Devin Geoghegan, Vice President, Innovation, at Wood Mackenzie, said: “Refinery I/O offers an easily digestible, low-latency, API deliverable right to users’ workflow.

“With its operational efficiencies, not only does this product provide refinery-level granularity, which serves multiple client use cases, but it saves time analyzing internal processes.”

The new tool will deliver more than 1,020 data points to users every day via API, along with weekly summary reports and supplemental analysis on major events, such as weather incidents like hurricane season and Covid-19 developments, as they affect US and Canadian refineries. Companies can also download the data they need to inform trading decisions ahead of U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) and state regulatory data.

In highly volatile oil and gas markets, and with companies experiencing increasingly limited resources, Refinery I/O gives operators, traders, and equity investors the built-in functionality to support and streamline workflows.