A close-up of a large red and blue oil tanker in the ocean.

Crude Cargoes Emissions Tool

Building a view of emissions across the crude value chain

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The energy transition is bringing new challenges

Evolving emissions policies and changing corporate positioning is leading to increased emphasis on the emissions associated with the production and supply of liquid oil products into the market.

Policy, legislation and voluntary approaches are increasingly pushing for delivered hydrocarbons to be accompanied by detailed information regarding the emissions associated with production, processing, delivery and consumption.

Carbon advantaged crudes or products are going to be increasingly attractive in the market and companies will increasingly offset the carbon footprint of cargoes.

The Crude Cargoes Emissions Tool (CCET) is designed to be used by buyers and sellers of crude to allow them, for a known volume of a marketed crude grade, to quantify the life cycle emissions. With the tool the user can select any stage of this life cycle and discuss ways to reduce or offset these emissions

  • User flexibility

    Flexible approach allowing Wood Mackenzie or client data to be used

  • Complete view

    Self contained tool , with all the data in one place

  • Reliable methodologies

    Utilises reliable, tried and tested methodologies and approaches

  • Integrated data

    Leverages data from across the Wood Mackenzie product suite


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