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Natural gas and LNG play a key role in providing global energy security and reliability in today's uncertain times. At the same time, the industry is evolving along with energy transition. Our Gas and LNG consultants can help you position your business for success in these uncertain times, exploit the myriad opportunities and manage risks from volatility and alternative energy options.

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Low angle view of a large natural gas carrier ship in a harbour on a clear summer day. Port of Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

How we help

We help a diverse mix of clients. LNG developers, midstream companies and utilities seeking to identify new opportunities, develop actionable strategy or BD plans or finance projects. Financials seeking to invest in assets and companies. Upstream oil and gas players and end users determining the best monetization or procurement strategies.

M&A Diligence

M&A Diligence

Consulting expertise from more than 100 Gas & LNG transaction support engagements over the last 5 years, coupled with unique asset, company and market research tools drive our support on buy-side, sell-side and financing diligence efforts.

Procurement & Monetization

Procurement & Monetization

Regional teams bring deep knowledge of markets backed by best-in-class research, short- and long-term data, and insight and expertise from dozens of commercial advisory projects for those looking to purchase or sell gas and LNG.

Strategic Advice

Strategic Advice

Our expert teams bring an intimate understanding of corporate, portfolio, entry and BD strategies employed by the Gas and LNG industry to support strategy advisory engagements, backed by unparalleled research data and insight.

Energy Transition

Energy Transition

Our Gas & LNG team is driving innovative low-carbon infrastructure and commercial solutions as we evolve with the transition, from emissions benchmarking to green LNG, RNG/biomethane, hydrogen, and CCS.

3D render of hydrogen pipelines in a field with wind turbines in the distance.

Wood Mackenzie Lens Gas & LNG

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Helping you answer the key questions you face

We provide strategic clarity by answering your most critical questions:

How can I value gas and LNG assets taking account of commodity, market and regulatory uncertainty? 

What is the optimal contractual and counterparty porftolio of gas and LNG sales or purchases considering market conditions? 

How are the assets in your portfolio positioned for the future and which should be considered for divestment?

What energy transition themes and scenarios are relevant and how will a renewed focus on energy security impact outcomes? 

What is the exposure to counterparty / shipper risk in today’s environment?

What is the appropriate portfolio of associated contracted transportation or storage capacity for buyers and sellers? 

What is the organic and non-organic asset and company opportunity set and high-graded priorities for your company?

How will my business be impacted by ongoing and future transition themes? 

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