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Commercial success in uncertain times

After decades of growth, the upstream industry is at a pivotal moment in its history with unprecedented complexity and uncertainty. Our Upstream consultants bring a wealth of experience from across the globe, helping our clients address the enduring and newly-emerging challenges the upstream sector faces.

For details on how your data is used and stored, see our Privacy Notice.
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How we help

Our clients from across the upstream value chain come to us for clear-sighted, independent, expert advice to support their strategic needs and help them manage the full range of commercial challenges and opportunities their organisations face.

Transaction Support

Transaction Support

Bringing to bear decades of experience, coupled with unmatched industry research, the Upstream team has supported clients through multiple transactions and offerings across the upstream value chain.

Strategy Development

Strategy Development

We leverage our deep industry consulting experience and our world-class research to help companies develop clear strategies. As Upstream becomes increasingly interlinked with the wider energy system, our full energy value chain expertise is invaluable to our clients.

Energy Transition

Energy Transition


The upstream sector faces unprecedented challenges and opportunities derived from the energy transition. Our Upstream consultants help you position your business for success in these uncertain times, exploit the myriad opportunities, decarbonise your current and future portfolio, and manage risks from volatility and alternative energy options.

Government Support

Government Support

We help Governments and National Oil Companies understand how their value proposition and investment attraction compares to others and how they can structure their business in today’s evolving landscape

Helping you answer the key questions you face

We provide strategic clarity by answering your most critical questions:

What is the impact of the different energy transition scenarios on my business?

How do I ensure my base business is resilient moving forward?

How do I pivot my current capabilities or asset base to capture opportunities in the Energy Transition?

What adjacent businesses can I enter?

Should I enter new business segments? If so, which one(s)?

What makes an advantage barrel? And how do I find them? Or can I create them?

As companies restructure their portfolios, what opportunities does this present for my business?

How can I reduce Scope 1 & 2 emissions across my Upstream portfolio?

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Renaud Brimont, Vice President Upstream Consulting

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