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Ann-Louise Hittle

Vice President, Oil Markets


  • Global
  • Oil and gas markets

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Ann-Louise brings over 25 years of experience in analysing global oil markets. She leads our Macro Oils Service, having directed its original development for launch in 2005. Her expertise helps clients understand the future of supply, demand and oil markets during a time of intense focus on both energy transition and energy security.

Ann-Louise has established an international reputation for her analysis of short to long term oil markets and fundamentals. She also focuses on OPEC’s role in the market, frequently attending OPEC+ meetings in Vienna.

Her career began with Gulf Oil after which she was staff editor with Petroleum Intelligence Weekly, focused on OPEC and markets in Asia. Thereafter, she was Middle East/oil markets research associate with Kissinger Associates in New York and then a senior oil and gas futures analyst with Shearson Lehman Brothers.

Ann-Louise joined Wood Mackenzie from CERA, where she was research head of the Upstream Oil Service with responsibility for world oil market analysis and writing long term oil scenarios.


Master's Middle East Studies, Harvard University

BA History, St. Lawrence University