Hetal Gandhi



  • India

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Hetal leads CCUS research for APAC with a growing team of analysts to help clients in decision-making and business planning. She focuses on emerging trends across policy, potential demand, and supply-side dynamics for the CCUS value chain. The team delivers thought leadership content, monitors project-level dynamics and provides valuations for projects across key APAC geographies. She also contributes to cost estimations at the geography level for key hard-to-abate sectors with the potential for carbon capture.

Before Wood Mac, Hetal worked with S&P as director, research tracking energy transition and key emerging technologies from an India and APAC perspective. She specialises in the application of energy transition technologies for key hard-to-abate sectors with a special focus on power, steel and cement. She led a team of analysts to evaluate the impact of government policy, cost trends and global demand-supply landscape on investment needs for decarbonisation for leading emission geographies like India and China against the availability of low-cost green finance.