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US Production Update Q2 2013

US Production Update Q2 2013

Report summary

US coal production fell for a third consecutive quarter in Q2 2013 as scant buying activity in coal markets led producers to take a cautious approach toward increasing production.  Total coal production in the US was 239.6 million short tons in Q2 2013, retreating from 245.0 million short tons in the previous quarter, a decrease of 2.2%.  Production in Q2 2013 was at the lowest level of overall US coal production since before 2006. All of the major US coal producing regions recorded declines...

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This Coal Insight report highlights the key issues surrounding this topic, and draws out the implications for those involved.

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  • Executive summary
  • Major producers
  • Top producing mines – Q2 2013
  • Appalachia
  • Illinois Basin
  • Powder River Basin
  • Western Bituminous

In this report there are 28 tables or charts, including:

  • Executive summary
    • US production by region (million short tons)
    • US production by coal type (million short tons)
    • US production by mine type (million short tons)
    • US quarterly production 2007-2013
  • Major producers
    • Top 5 major producers - quarterly production
  • Top producing mines – Q2 2013
    • US top 20 producing mines (Q2 2013)
  • Appalachia
    • Appalachia production by region (million short tons)
    • Appalachia production by mine type (million short tons)
    • Appalachia production by coal type (million short tons)
    • Appalachia productivity by region (clean stpeh)
    • Appalachia productivity by mine type (clean stpeh)
    • Appalachia quarterly production 2007-2013
    • Appalachia quarterly productivity 2007-2013
  • Illinois Basin
    • Illinois Basin production by state (million short tons)
    • Illinois Basin production by mine type (million short tons)
    • Illinois Basin productivity by state (stpeh)
    • Illinois Basin productivity by mine type (stpeh)
    • Illinois Basin quarterly production 2007-2013
    • Illinois Basin quarterly productivity 2007-2013
  • Powder River Basin
    • Powder River Basin production (million short tons)
    • Powder River Basin productivity (stpeh)
    • Powder River Basin quarterly production and productivity 2007-2013
  • Western Bituminous
    • Western Bituminous production by state (million short tons)
    • Western Bituminous production by mine type (million short tons)
    • Western Bituminous productivity by state (stpeh)
    • Western Bituminous productivity by mine type (stpeh)
    • Western Bituminous quarterly production 2007-2013
    • Western Bituminous quarterly productivity 2007-2013
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