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Will Donald Trump's support for coal extend to carbon-capture?

Will Donald Trump's support for coal extend to carbon-capture?

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President Trump says he supports clean coal development and wants to put coal miners back to work. However, he has also called for a level playing field between competing energy sources. Today's electricity grid is less dependent on coal than it was a decade ago and the trend is likely to continue. Carbon capture and sequestration technology (CCS) is seen by some as the link to ensuring coal stays part of the US generation mix long-term. Past attempts by the federal government to develop CCS projects have failed but there have been some resent successes.
Support for CCS currently crosses the political spectrum from coal producers like Peabody Energy to environmental advocacy groups like the Environmental Defence Fund. This insight considers the history of CCS and looks at current trends and concerns to understand the obstacles ahead and frame the likelihood that a pro-coal administration could bring new life to this technology.

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  • A tale of two technologies
  • Costs and other considerations
    • Taking the next step beyond enhanced oil recovery
      • Could grid reliability concerns support CCS?
      • Cumulative coal retirements based on 70 year useful life
      • Political activity to resurrect CCS
      • Grid reliability alternatives
    • Conclusion

In this report there are 4 tables or charts, including:

  • A tale of two technologies
  • Costs and other considerations
    • Capital costs for coal CCS are higher than other "clean" alternatives
    • 2017 US power generation mix
    • 2036 US power generation mix
    • Will Donald Trump's support for coal extend to carbon-capture?: Image 4
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